Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Clinic: See the Difference!


A First Coast Veterinary Clinic that isn’t fit for Fifi or Fido. Between the boring paint, years of use, and just plain blah – this clinic howled for a visual makeover – especially since the clinic is a veterinary practice specializing in ophthalmology.

The Ocean Oaks team assessed the clinics interior needs, made repairs as necessary, and prepped and painted the interior. We also were tasked with some additional remodeling, including cabinet installations and woodworking.

Then, we caulked and filled cracks and gaps – professionally preparing all surfaces so the new pet-friendly paint would adhere properly, protect the business, be long-lasting, and enliven the space for pet parents and vet techs alike.

See the end results below!


This makeover gets four paws up! Ocean Oaks Painting & Construction gave this clinic the care it needed from top to bottom, with a new, lively color scheme worthy of felines, canines, and all kinds of beloved critters.

Ocean Oaks has helped beautify and renew this business, with a quality, professional paint application and repairs. Our team installed some new cabinets and did some minor woodwork.  As always, we only use the best quality interior paints, materials, and tools, and our client is thrilled

That’s four paws up and a tail wag for this pet-friendly makeover!

(images coming soon)

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