Beach Condos

Beach Condos: Commercial Painting


These beach homes are in dire need of some exterior maintenance. Between weather damage, salt damage, sand, and element exposure – these buildings screamed soggy seaweed instead of surfside spectacular.

OceanOaks assessed the building’s exterior needs, made repairs as necessary, caulked and filled cracks and gaps – professionally preparing all surfaces so the new paint application would adhere properly, protect the entire building, be long-lasting, and return them to a property that makes their oceanfront owners beam with pride. See the end results below!


Surf’s up on a beautifully refreshed building! OceanOaks Painting & Construction helped these homes go from washout to wave runner!  Now, with the proper preparation and repairs of all chipping, peeling, and cracking, this new exterior makeover will be long-lasting and protect these gorgeous beachfront condominiums.  

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