Residential Exteriors

Sickly to Stunning

Sickly to Stunning

Exterior Painting

Exterior Makeover

Entryway Painting

Exterior Painting

From Chipping to Charming

Garage Door

Front Entry

Exterior Painting




Kitchens & Baths

Before: Dark, Yellowed, and Dated

After: Walls and trim painted, cabinets refreshed. Now it’s bright, light, and stylish!

Before: Beat up and busted, this bathroom needed our help!

After: Gorgeous new bath with Flooring, Paint, Plumbing and Vanity Installation

First Coast Fixer-Upper

Before: This property has an enormous amount of potential

Before: However, the entire building needs a lot of work

Before: Large sections needed new materials and repairs

Before: Both lower and upper levels needed serious attention

After: What an incredible difference!

After: All repairs completed, paint professionally applied

After: A gorgeous property looks better than new

After: Property owners are extremely happy!

Learn more about this project here.

Residential Interiors

Before: Boring, bland, beige office is an uninspiring place to work.

After: Ready to be alert and productive with a beautiful indigo office!

Before: Peeling paint on doors and trim throughout this otherwise beautiful home. 

After: Trim and doors in the entire house repaired, repainted and ready to show off!

Flooring & Tile

Gorgeous new tile flooring. (See our Residential page for details)

Careful installation makes for beautiful results!

Brand new tile throughout this home makes a huge difference

Tight spots and custom cuts are no problem for our expert installers

Jacksonville Home: Exterior Painting & Repair

Before: Repair cracks 

Before: Prepare surfaces

Before: Caulk and clean

Before: Prepare detail trim 

After: Even though the color is similar, it’s an amazing update!

After: All areas now smooth, beautiful and protected

After: Ocean Oaks repair and exterior painting

After: Details are sharp and crisp, giving this home a fresh, new look!


Custom garage finish in fire engine red, black and grey

Custom floor by EZ Garage Solutions

Wall, door and trim painting

Stylish, clean, and ready to roll!

Custom Effects

Crackle finish on bedroom walls matching school colors 

Zoom in to see the sparkling gold, teal and black

Pressure Washing

Left side before, Right side after