Repainting Your Stucco

Q: The stucco on my home’s exterior looks cracked and faded. What can I do to make it look new again?

A: Stucco, like many surfaces, can fade – especially when it’s exposed to direct Southern sunlight and our constant Florida weather extremes. But, making it look beautiful again is certainly possible – and we love making it happen! Quality painting can revive the look of your stucco, giving your home a fresh, new appearance. But preparation and application matter just as much as the paint – proper repair, cleaning, priming, conditions, and quality materials make a huge difference in how good your home will look, how well it’s protected, and how long the job lasts. Ocean Oaks Painting & Construction knows the best way to refresh, repair, and repaint your Florida home’s stucco finish so it’s done professionally, looks beautiful, and will stand up to our hot and humid conditions as long as possible.

Q: What if I want to completely change the color of my stucco?

A: No problem! Just like any surface, stucco can be repainted to suit your color preference. If you want to achieve a darker shade than your original stucco color, and the surface is in good shape, quality paint can likely provide the coverage you need in just one or two coats. Painting a lighter shade over a darker tone may require the application of a primer and one or two coats – but it can certainly be achieved. When choosing a new color, remember to coordinate with other exterior colors on your home, such as shingles and trim, to get that gorgeous “designer” look. And, if you’re in a neighborhood with HOA restrictions, be sure to get approval on your colors well before painting – it’s no fun to have to do the job twice. If you’re unsure about your ability to choose a new look, contact us and we’ll be happy to offer our professional advice with your project consultation.

Q: Which kinds of products are better on stucco?

A: We find that acrylic latex products perform the best on Florida stucco. Latex products are also easiest to use because they are easy to apply, they come in just about any color, and they clean up with soap and water so there are no caustic solvents needed. Acrylic latex paints also offer good coverage, color retention, and dries fast – which can be a real concern here in our “surprise showers” weather here on the First Coast.

Q: Will my home require a primer? My neighbor on the left says absolutely, my neighbor on the right says no.

A: If the surface of your stucco is in good shape with no exposed substrate, and you’re not doing a huge color change (such as a new light yellow over previous chocolate brown), probably not. However, if you need to make a lot of repairs, using a primer will make your finish coat look great and provide the beautiful, long-lasting results you expect. Ask our experts at Ocean Oaks, we’ll be happy to discuss what will be needed to achieve the results you want during your scheduled  project consultation.

Q: Great advice! So, what do I need to do to get started?

A: Just give us a call! (Or email us, we’re not picky.) We’ll be happy to do a consultation on your project and discuss colors, paint options, timelines, and pricing. Contact us by phone at 904-903-1099, email or through our contact form.

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